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The Fuselage is currently experiencing high levels of traffic and we are not able to accommodate all visitors to our site at this time. During these peak demand periods we grant access to the Threaded boards on a priority basis. You must be logged in for the board to recognize if you should be given priority access. When logging in be sure to check the "remember me" box so you don't get logged out automatically.

Please do not reload this page continuously in the interim. It will only worsen the amount of time that will pass before general access is granted again. In the meantime, we recommend you visit the linear board.

The server is currently experiencing a load rating of:

At this time the following groups (this is your primary group, this information can be found in your usercp under group memberships) will have access to the board when the load is below the following thresholds:

Guests: 25
Registered Users: 35
Waiting at Ticket Counter: 35
Now Boarding : 40
Frequest Flier: 50

If you are still having difficulties accessing the site and you are a member of a group that should currently have access please submit a screen shot of this page which shows this complete message and the status of your login above. We also need the exact time you saw this message for us to investigate any potential issues.

Thank you
The Fuselage Staff

All times are GMT -4. The time now is 09:39 PM.

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